Tom Coker

is the President of Tom Coker & Associates where he performs a full range of governmental affairs services. In addition to lobbying the Legislature, Tom consults clients, monitors legislation, and represents the interests of a diverse group of clients before various governmental agencies. Tom has also performed direct fund-raising efforts for individual candidates for political office.

Tom has served as President of the organization since 1982, taking a short break between 1982 and 1985 to serve as the Vice President of Research and Membership at the Business Council of Alabama. At the BCA, Tom executed varied responsibilities that included recruiting new members, lobbying the Legislature, and conducting political research.  He also served as Fundraiser and Staff Director of ProgressPAC, a political action committee responsible for over $1.5 million in contributions to candidates in Alabama’s 1986 elections.

Tom began his career in the public sector by serving two United States Senators. Between 1969 and 1978, Tom served the late-Senator James Allen as an administrative assistant. During his tenure in Senator Allen’s office, Tom managed the operations of the Washington office, including the staff and budget. He then served the late-Senator Howell Heflin until 1982, assisting with the management and operations of four offices in the State of Alabama.

Before becoming involved in politics, Tom served as a sales representative and sales manager of the commercial division of Paragon Press in Montgomery, Alabama.