Decisions made by State Government in Alabama have a profound effect on business, non-profit, and corporate organizations. Getting inside State Government and penetrating the complex processes and deliberations behind those decisions can be difficult. We take our clients inside those processes to help them navigate the intricacies of Alabama politics, personalities, and procedures so their voices can be heard and their goals achieved.


Tom Coker & Associates is a leading and highly respected Montgomery-based consulting and governmental relations firm providing comprehensive and cost effective services to some of Alabama’s and the nation’s largest corporations, small and medium sized business, and educational institutions. With a proven record of successes on many complicated and controversial issues, we understand the importance of ethical representation in the legislative process.

  • Our principal served on multiple Congressional staffs. Our Affiliates have served in state agencies, state and local governments, and political campaigns.
  • Our advocacy builds a bridge of understanding to facilitate success working with State Government and other companies.
  • We provide a reliable approach to issues.
  • We have the skill, experience, education, integrity, and determination to devise the best strategies for dealing with State Government.

We have a thorough understanding of issues and processes and procedures and give personal and prompt attention to the needs of our clients. We believe that personal relationships are critical to success and reach beyond our role as service providers to become members of our clients’ teams.